Ren- Energy & Automation is a newly born venture incorporating the new ideas and technological approaches of a group of young, dynamic and promising entrepreneurs in the field of rapidly growing technology. It’s just having its baby feet landed on the corporate field. After getting started in 2020 all our professionals are ready for challenging assignments and projects.


Our mission lies in creating a smarter society with keeping the environment Green. Our solutions & products will help out our customers to be different someway from any other users of same kind of solutions. We believe in smart works and innovative ideas which will lead us from anonymous one to Everyone’s Necessity.


We dreamt to modernize the society to such an extent where everything will get a brain to work on it’s own and human will not only communicate with robots and machines, but also listen to sweat chirping songs of birds too sitting on the top branch of the big green tree beyond which sun is playing hide & seek with us. Subsequently everyone will be blessed by the nature.

Meet our Director

Prasun Biswas

” We pledge to provide you the Best-in-class services “

Neelotpal Sharma

” We commit to keep your satisfaction & Expectations high “