Ren-Energy & Automation offers a wide variety of Home Automation Services. You’ll get a glimpse of the Automation Services offered by us in this page. Just have a look and choose the service you need to make your home smarter–

Just Power it off…

Ren-Energy & Automation lets you control your MCBs remotely and in a smarter way with our SMART MCB CONTROL. Have a look at our solution to reduce your inconveniences while turning on and off MCB. You can directly control your MCBs through our App installed on your mobile phone. You’re just a few steps away — click on the play button, contact us and get the control on your hands. So are you up?

Alexa! Please cool it down…

Ren-Energy & Automation brings in an easier way to get your work done by your very own assistant who’s gonna execute your orders in a better way. No need to involve in smaller tasks like turning on your fans and ACs. Just instruct Alexa and get it done within microseconds. just say Alexa! please turn on the fans…..that’s it from your end rest will be taken care by her. We’ll take care of the system. So why are you waiting for… us right now.

Give me some sunshine…

Ren-Energy & Automation comes up with a solution to make you bit lazier while waking up from the bed. No need to move from your position just a click on your phone and let sunlight comes in through your windows. The name AUTOMATIC CURTAIN CONTROLLER has already let you guess the function of it. We’ll provide you with installed hardware and a mobile app to operate the same. So just give us a call or fill out the form below to contact us.

Mobile App Integration

Smart TV Control

Mobile App Integration

Smart TV Control

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